The Journey
the path to paradise is through hell… and if you don’t go there voluntarily you’ll go there by accident…
— Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Andy's personal story and brands

Andy Zaremba is an Ontario transplant who moved to Vancouver, B.C. in 2008.  At eighteen, Andy was awarded a football scholarship at the California University of PA. There he majored in Criminology, before transferring to McMaster University where he graduated with a degree in Sociology and ended his football career.

Immediately after university, Andy began preparation for a career in law enforcement by immersing himself in the field, training in martial arts, volunteering in various organizations, gaining experience in crisis intervention and applying to various police services.  

Midway through the hiring process with the RCMP, Andy terminated his application after receiving an invitation from his father to work in the family business, which was rapidly expanding. This was his trial-by-fire in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

In 2010, Andy became a father through a traumatic birth experience, which altered the course of his life. His daughter remained in the NICU for ten months and required full-time-at-home nursing for the next two years. 

During this period, and to mentally detach from the immense stress, Andy immersed himself into the world of mindfulness meditation, yoga, and self-education through podcasts. The time in hospital and rude awakening of parenthood became an incubation period for what was to come. 

While listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, host Joe Rogan raved about the benefit of flotation tanks. Andy started researching floating and found there was only one commercially available tank in all Western Canada. 

He and his brother, Mike, tried floating for the first time in late 2010 and after their second experience decide to purchase their own tank, which they setup in Mike’s apartment. Shortly after, they realized the huge potential of the service they took a stab at their first business plan.

Again, Andy immersed himself in personal development and entrepreneurship, battling the resistance that came up from friends and family while launching his first entrepreneurial venture. In May 2013, Andy and Mike opened Float House, which went on to become a landslide success. Today, there are six locations under its banner and with two more on the way. 

Inspired by the London Real Podcast, Andy and Mike launched their own podcast called Vancouver Real with the blessing London Real’s founder, Brian Rose. With over 125 episodes under their belt, and having interviewed world-class guests such as Dr. Gabor Maté, Graham Hancock, Rick Doblin, and Wim Hof to name a few. Today, in addition to creating digital media, Vancouver Real is a local hub for community events in the health, spirituality, and human optimization spaces.  They Celebrated their 100th episode by visited London to Make an appearance on London Real! 

Andy is currently exploring various entrepreneurial ventures and continues to grow his influence in Vancouver, with the creation of Mindful Mass meditation group and by working with other organizations in and around Vancouver. 

Andy is a lifelong learner and is passionate about personal growth through books, courses, public speaking, podcasts, flotation therapy, and plant medicines. Andy believes that growth is infinite; the journey is about conscious exploration, living fully, and aspiring towards excellence.

Andy is living his vision helping to facilitate the expansion of human consciousness worldwide. His interests include traveling, fitness, martial arts, yoga, music, art, hiking, scuba diving, and stimulating conversation.

His precious daughter, Ella Faith, is truly a gift and continues to be an inspiration and strength in his life. No matter which realm he’s playing in, Andy strives to be the best man he can be, bringing his greatest efforts to family, friends, and community.