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“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche.

The blueprint

It's incredible how you can transform your own reality using the principle of incremental progress in conjunction with accountabilitytracking, and inspiration. Small improvements strung together consistently yield exponential growth. In the proven laboratory of his own life, Andy has developed an actionable plan that can transform your life if you're willing to do the work.

The development of Responsibility, PurposeLeadership, and Community can be applied to anyone wanting to make significant difference in the world. If you truly want to make an impact, you must inspire others to accompany you on your journey. Energy ripples out from your intention, and you don't know how far it will travel or how great the impact will be. The first step is being very honest with yourself about your current life situation. You have to know yourself well before you can decide 'where' you want to go and take full responsibility for your current life circumstances. 

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Taking responsibility begins by ceasing to blame anything external to you for your circumstances. It's true that bad things happen to good people, but dwelling on those things and/or using them as excuses to not move forward, is not only detrimental to you but everyone around you. It means voluntarily accepting the burdens of life, carrying them and still positively contributing to society. It also means making sure your 'house' is in order before 'fixing' everything else in the world. Bring order into the chaos. First you fix yourself, then your family and finally, your community.  

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Purpose brings meaning to your life. Without it, you'll spend years or even a lifetime drifting aimlessly. Lack of purpose is a recipe for disaster. It's true that we can 'let things be' and accept what is. But the beauty of life is being able to create and manifest our thoughts and desires into reality. Purpose is what will keep you motivated when challenges appear. Purpose is what inspires others. Once you find it, you'll be charged with new life. You'll have boundless energy that will fuel you to make a big impact. The first step is figuring out what's really important. Then aligning your thoughts, words, actions, and habits to live congruently to support your vision. 

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There are many myths about what a leader really is. The truth is that leaders are elected by their peers. Others recognize that you're 'fit to lead' based on how your showing up in the world (how you take responsibility) and the purpose you yearn to fulfill. To become a leader of others you must first become a leader of self. You must live as an example of what's possible. The truth is that most people won't become leaders. It's possible for many but most don't want the burden that comes with it. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but if you can bear it, it's the greatest service you can provide humanity.  

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Once you've become 'fit for leadership' people gravitate towards you. If you're truly living your purpose with high integrity, you can now build the community that's needed to support your vision. People sense it when it's real. They will happily join your cause, organization, or community. The next phase is to grow, nurture, and organize the community around you. In any organization, it's important to understand that the leader actually serves the group and not the other way around. If you can maintain that perspective, people will buy-in. Once you have the support of a community, you can truly move mountains.   




12 week transformation intensive

This program is designed to make you a force. To make an impact, you must be captain of your own ship. This program will focus on four major aspects of your life: health, income, relationships, and spirituality.

This will include three deep-dive consultations at the beginning, four weeks in, and the final at eight weeks. These sessions are designed to maximize clarity of direction and to guarantee progress.

Sessions will be followed up by daily coaching calls (Monday - Friday) to ensure you're taking daily action. You'll also receive a workbook to keep you on task and to make sure you reach your goals.

If you submit to the process, you will make positive change in the major areas of your life.

Andy only works with select applicants that are committed to completing the full 90 days.

The investment for this three-month cycle is $10 000

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Tailored to your specific needs, Andy offers a variety of packages to help you reach your goals.

One off sessions aren't very helpful unless seeking specific information. You're encouraged to schedule a 3 or 5 session package.

Face-to-face sessions:

  • 1 session $500/hr

  • 3 sessions: $300/hr

  • 5 sessions: $200/hr

Zoom or Skype sessions:

  • 1 session $300/hr

  • 3 sessions: $200/hr

  • 5 sessions: $100/hr

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Andy Zaremba Mastermind intensive

Coming february 2019

The Mastermind is designed to push you further than you ever thought possible. You'll be challenged to do more and set higher expectations for yourself than you've ever had. 

And you'll do it all in a team environment, where other members want to see you succeed. Mastermind groups only run twice a year on twelve week cycles. The group will be limited to twelve members per each cycle. 

This is a more cost effect option for anyone wanting to accelerate life. Using the principles of incremental progress, by taking daily action, you can make massive improvements in your life in a relatively short period of time.  

Andy will personally vet all applicants to ensure commitment and readiness to work and support teammates.

You'll get:

  • Weekly group mastermind meetings (2 hours in length).

  • Accountability buddy for the entire 3 month process.

  • A system to track your results and push you further than you thought possible.

  • Online support group that will help conquer daily hurdles.

Cost per cycle: $997  

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